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Osiris Records
South Branch

R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop


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About Osiris Records (South Branch)

Osiris Records, LLC was established in late February of 2001. This independent record label is owned and operated by Royce.

It was only after Royce spent years studying and educating himself on all aspects of the music business that he decided to achieve his goal and license his own record label in the state of Georgia. Although Osiris Records is still in its early stages of establishing itself and making its mark in the music industry, it has been noticed by many that it has a very good sound coming from its artists. There are 2 acts signed to the label and their singles are to be released soon. "ROYCE", a self-titled album, features two of the labels rap artists on his long awaited release.

Living his dream of being successful and making his mark in the music industry, Royce spends countless hours in the studio making sure everything is perfect for the audience to hear. He always says, " to me, when I make music its like making love to my audience, if its real good like I want it to be, they will want more". You will want more. With a background of being a talented singer, songwriter, producer, and musician, Royce will undoubtedly make his mark a big one.

Osiris Records strives to help those individual artists who have what it takes to make it in the music business. As we all know, it's hard enough to find the door, let alone get your foot into it. I'm sure there are thousands of singers, songwriters, and producers out there that have tried the approach of going directly to the major labels only to meet the receptionist, "the bulldog of the company". You probably didn't get any further there than you would have if you were to mail your package or telephone the company. At Osiris Records there are no bulldogs, no obstacles, and always someone eager to listen to your tape or cd. Osiris Records is in touch with the people who really want to make a commitment to living their dream and work hard to achieve their goals in the industry. We want artists who are professional and willing to go that extra mile to get what they truly want and deserve. We want artists that will represent Osiris Records to the fullest, and show that they are part of something good and positive. 

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