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Osiris Music Works, (Formerly Osiris Records)

Main Office

Heavy metal, classic rock, pop rock or hard rock

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Osiris Music Works, (Formerly Osiris Records) was founded in 1997 in Burnsville, Minnesota. It is designed to help any unsigned band try to achieve success in the music business. It is not a major label, but with a lot work, we can help your band achieve the success you desire.

The music business is a hard and complicated business and with the right help, any bands goals can be achieved. However, major connections, with labels and venues, can be achieved by an independent label such as ourselves. We will try to answer any question an up_and_coming band can think of regarding the music business. With our services, we will help your band get on the right path of success.

Osiris Music Works will help book shows, get promotional material to various contacts, do other promotional work, and possibly get radio airplay. We deal primarily with venues in and out of the Twin Cities area, some of the midwest such as Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota. However, due the many promotional mailings we have received from all over the world in the past years, we also have nationwide and worldwide venues as well (Limited).

We want your business, so let us help you.